General Catering Menu

  • Starters

    Chicken Tikka Roast

    Tikka Boti

    Chicken Drumsticks

    Whole Baby Chicken Roast

    Sheikh Kebabs

    Chicken Pakora

    Chicken Wing Pakora

    Meat Samosa

    Meat Kebabs

    Lamb Steaks

    White Meat

    Masala Fish

    Fish Pakora

    Vegetable Pakora

    Vegetable Samosa

    Vegetable Rolls


    Salad - Standard

    Salad - Special



    Plain Yoghurt

  • Main Course Curries

    Chicken Curry

    Chicken Masala

    Chicken Masala & Spinach

    Chicken Karahi

    Chicken Achaar

    Chicken Sabhzee

    Chicken Jalfrezi

    Meat Curry

    Meat & Aloo Curry

    Meat & Spinach

    Meat Masala

    Lamb Curry

    Lamb Spinach

    Lamb Karahi

    Koftay Curry

    Keema Masala

    Keema Aloo

    Mixed Veg Masala

    Channa Masala

    Channa Curry

    Bindhi Masala

    Toor Daal

    Maash Daal

    Chana Daal

  • Main Course Rice

    Boiled Rice

    Plain Pilau

    Channa Pilau

    Peas Pilau

    Chicken Pilau

    Meat Pilau

    Lamb Pilau

    Chicken Biryani

    Veg Biryani

    Lamb Biryani

    Chicken Biryani Special

  • Desserts

    Zarda - Sweet Rice


    Semolina Halwa




    Fresh Fruit

    Assorted Cakes

  • Bakery

    Tandoori Roti

    Plain Naan

    Roghni Naan

  • Drinks & Beverages

    Soft drinks & Spring Water

    Fruit Juices

    English Tea


    Kashmiri Tea

    Lassi (Mango & Plain)

Premier Catering has three generation of chefs & caterers, specialising in cuisine from the Indian Sub-Continent. We are able to prepare upon order dishes to your special requirements.
All products supplied are Halal